The first rule for a groom getting married is not to steal attention away from the bride. Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman's orange tuxedo might break that rule.

While it's not confirmed that Chapman will look like the Lorax on his way to the altar when he marries Francie Frane this weekend, he certainly suggested it.

On Instagram, the 68-year-old is standing next to a creamsicle-orange tuxedo with "Getting ready for wedding 3days & a wake up," as his caption. Take what you will from that message, but zoom in on that tux, which pairs with an orange top hat and orange satin-leather dancing shoes.

The Chester Cheetah-approved getup is certainly attention-grabbing, which is to say it's on brand for Chapman, the star of multiple reality television shows and family scandals for more than 20 years. Francie Frane will become his sixth wife when then marry. They were engaged less than one year after the death of Chapman's beloved fifth wife Beth, who died after a cancer battle in 2019.

Leading up to wedding — announced as Sept. 2, 2021 — the conversation has centered on who did and didn't get an invite. Two of his children were allegedly left off the guestlist because of their involvement in a reality television show that focuses on social justice and the Black Live Matter movement.  Bonnie and Cecily (both born to Beth) won't be attending. Since that news came to light, Bonnie Chapman has been particularly aggressive with her accusations, claiming Dog cheated on Beth, used racist and homophobic language, and threatened her with violence when she was young. She provided no evidence during a long letter shared with her followers on social media.

In July, Frane did share a photo of a number of wedding gowns on her Instagram page, indicating a more traditional dress would be ready for her:

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