Bad news for basically the entire world has been good news for the last remaining drive-in movie theaters. While indoor theaters still closed in most of the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, drive-in theaters in many states remain open, and offer a means to enjoy a night at the movies in an extremely social-distancing-friendly way. Guests stay in their cars, far apart, and even get to enjoy some fresh air while watching something on the big screen. It’s a strangely ideal scenario for these strange times.

As a result, drive-ins have already reported a distinct uptick in business; one weekend during the pandemic the entire weekend box office was just a single drive-in theater in Florida still plugging away, showing several new releases from IFC Films. Now more distributors are looking to drive-ins as an alternative to a streaming-only release in these tough times. People reports that Amazon is planning to preview its upcoming indie, The Vast of Night, at select drive-ins around the United States before it becomes available on their Prime Video streaming service.

The film is set in the 1950s, the drive-in theater’s heyday in America, which makes the pairing particularly apt. Even better, tickets are going to to be very cheap:

In the spirit of the 1950s, movie tickets for each car attending a drive-in screening will sell for 50 cents, while also offering moviegoers the safety of social distancing in their cars amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The Vast of Night previews will take place at drive-ins on May 15 and 16. The film will then premiere on Prime Video on May 29.

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