Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson and his brothers are known for their hefty beards and long locks. The West Monroe, Louisiana, family grew to fame thanks to their reality TV show, but it's their luscious hair and bird calls that make them familiar.

Not anymore.

It's been fifteen years since Willie Robertson cut his hair, so he knew when he went for a post-quarantine haircut, it should be drastic, and he should surprise his family. He's hardly recognizable in the after photos — his own family had to do double-takes to believe it was him.

Documenting the whole chopping process, Robertson took his viewers along with him to see his family's reactions, which were caught on video.


Wife Kori's reaction might have been the best of all — Willie follows her around a restaurant at close proximity, but she doesn't notice him. It's not until he confronts her at her car that she grasps who the man standing near her is.

"I feel like I looked at you and thought you looked familiar, but thought you were someone from church," Kori says in the video, as she's in total shock over his new look.


Kori captured the moment with a selfie of the two of them, showing her man's new hairdo:

"We haven’t seen his neck in 15 years," she admits in the caption of a post that also includes reaction videos from other family members. "I love this man! He's cute and he always keeps life interesting."

Daughter Sadie also joined in on the social media fun, posting a poll on Instagram to see if others were able to recognize her dad.

"My dad. I love you," Sadie writes on the candid snapshot of her dad’s new look.

One thing is for sure: Although his family is beyond shocked, they all unanimously love his less-hairy look. The father of six may be 48 years old, but this fresh cut just knocked off 10 years.


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