Visit a lemonade stand in Texarkana today to support our local animal shelter. Make a donation for a glass of lemonade on Monday, July 25, from 11:30AM to 1PM and again from 5- 6PM at the corner of McKnight and Windmere in Texarkana, Texas. All of the proceeds from the lemonade stand will benefit the Animal Care and Adoption Center.

The event coordinator is Kelli Alamond. She has teamed up with her daughter and many other children who are part of a group called True Beauty, a group designed to encourage children to do good things in the community and show that true beauty comes from within.

"The reason for the stand is to help raise funds to do something about the downstairs portion of our shelter that is no longer usable because that limits the amount of space for the animals and could force animals to be euthanized," Alamond said.

We recently told the community about the deterioration of the downstairs building at the animal shelter in Texarkana. As you can see in the video below, the ceiling covering is coming down, the walls are falling apart and the floor has so many little tiny holes as well as big holes and crevices in it that there is no way to keep disease from hiding when the kennels are cleaned.

Citizens are coming together to help the shelter, which was the result we hoped for when we ran the stories about the conditions of the building. The community pulling together to make a change is a good result of bad news. You can read that story here. Animal Shelter in Texarkana Condemns Stray Hold Building [OPINION].

Meanwhile, let's all do what we can to support the shelter and its efforts.

“Come out grab a glass of lemonade, encourage the kiddos and support a great cause," Alamond said.