As of July 20, the COVID delta variant in Arkansas makes up 83 percent of all cases in the United States and shows no sign of letting up anytime soon.

A report today from the Times Record in Fort Smith indicates that there are no more ICU beds available in the state due to the rising cases. An emergency room doctor, Dr. J.F. Curry announced on her social media page that all ICU beds are being used for COVID patients to recover leaving no beds for other medical procedures such as heart attacks, or other medical traumas. Dr. Curry has said they have reached out to neighboring states to see if they have any ICU beds but they are full up too.

According to the report, "We are in a major surge."

Now is the time to stay away from large gatherings and mask up for protection for not just you but for others around you. If you haven't got vaccinated now is the time because most of the hospitalizations, infections and deaths occurring are with people unvaccinated.

attachment-Dr. J.F. Curry

Questions about the delta variant can be answered here. Also, questions about the new Arkansas law on mask mandates that just went into effect can be found here.

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