You've all sent us tons of photos, more than you've ever entered before. You've made us smile, laugh and exude more than a few "awwws." And you've voted, submitting nearly 2,000 votes! So who won the Family Fun Photo Contest? The results are finally in!

In third place, Cindy Dastillon's "Girls Just Like To Have Fun" captured the essence of summer with five little chicas all pool ready, sporting cute swimwear and big smiles!

Cindy Dastillon

In second place, Peggy Owenby's "Sprinkler Fun" captured a familiar scene. After all, whose kids haven't splish splashed under the spray of a sprinkler trying to keep cool in the Texarkana heat?

Peggy Owenby

But unfortunately, there can only be one winner in this contest and the grand prize goes to Lisa Cook's "Gone Fishing" where one precious little girl brings in her prize catch with help from her adoring uncle.

Lisa Cook

Thanks goes to all who entered because you made this one of our most fun contests ever! Listen for more great opportunities to win other awesome prizes and be sure to check our VIP Club for ways to earn points and score entries into each contest.