Getting in shape is difficult! Anyone who has ever attempted to do so knows what a challenge it is. That’s why we developed this new fitness series where we invite trainers from around the world to share their hard-won insights to help you accomplish your goal. In this edition, celebrity trainer Michael Wittig helps you change your body for life!


The best way to keep your New Year’s resolution of getting your health on track is by not thinking of it as another “resolution,” but by making the decision that it is time for a life change. I have four key points to help you stick with your new “life change” here in 2014.

It’s Time To Be Honest

Ask yourself WHY? Why did you decide to get your health on track? I want you to write this down on paper. Post it in places where you will be inspired when you have no energy, when you are tempted, and when you want to cave. Definitely post one on your steering wheel so you see it when you are tempted to get fast food.

Be Realistic

I ask clients to be realistic in two areas: the first being the amount of time they can dedicate to exercising daily and weekly. There has to be balance between exercise and the rest of your life. If you push too hard you will get burned out. Also, be realistic with your progress. The best and safest way to lose weight is one to two pounds per week. If you have a lot of weight to lose it could take some time, but once it’s gone you have become your own nutrition and exercise expert. You will know how to keep the weight off versus all these fad diets and crazy lose-weight-quick programs. Slow and steady wins the race. Be consistent.

Why did you decide to get your health on track?


The key to eating healthy and “winning” at this is by preparing! Always have your food available. Shop ahead of time. Prepare/cook ahead of time. Don’t let yourself run out. Think ahead. Think of each new day as a battle and before you even start the day make your “battle plan.” What obstacles might get in your way of eating right or getting your exercise in today and devise a plan to overcome them.


Many of us have vices such as drinking pop, coffee, sweet tea, etc. While it’s best to just drink water and completely cut drinkable calories that is just unrealistic for many, at least for a long period of time. Use moderation. If you have two every day cut back to one a day. If you have one a day, cut back to one every other day. Moderation is the key. As you start losing weight and getting results you will start cutting back more on your own.

Michael Wittig

Last Words

Make 2014 the turning point in your life. This is way more than a resolution. Not only are you going to feel and look better, your new lifestyle changes will carry over to the rest of your family and friends. You now have the potential to invoke healthy changes in generations. Get to WORK!

About Michael Wittig

Michael Wittig is an Oklahoma-based celebrity trainer and the owner of Wittig Works, a custom nutrition and exercise coaching business that helps men and women lose weight, tone up, build muscle and feel great.

He loves putting together custom nutrition plans and exercise programs to help people reach their health and fitness goals.

You can like him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, or view him on Instagram for more tips, motivation and looks into his own personal nutrition and workouts. You can also find him on YouTube where he features videos like the one below.