Granger Smith ties George Strait's iconic catalog to a classic country story of heartbreak in the video for his new song "Damn Strait."

In the video, Smith is a mechanic who, at the end of a hard day, is nursing a broken heart over his troubled relationship, and Strait serves as the soundtrack of his heartache. The country star makes reference to his idol's hits "Amarillo by Morning" and "Nobody in His Right Mind Would've Left Her."

Smith's character somberly makes his way into a local dive bar to drown away his sorrows, at one point taking off his wedding ring, the lyrics setting the tone as he sings: "'Cause I'm dropping these quarters in a jukebox / Nonstop playing every King George song / Between the still and the whiskey, something just hit me / Maybe I might've been wrong / I'm living every line and nobody in his right mind / Praying that it ain't too late
/ Damn Strait."

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He make his way over to the jukebox to play one of Strait's tracks before getting into a fight with a group of guys at the pool table, and ultimately, gets kicked out. As he sits defeatedly on the side of the road, his (real life) wife pulls up in a truck to bring him home, offering a sign of hope for the relationship.

The "Backroad Song" singer revealed on Wednesday (May 29) via Twitter that he was releasing new music the following day. The video was filmed in Granger, Texas, near his farm, and the cast is comprised of his wife Amber Emily Smith, along with many friends and family members.

"This song is my favorite music video and song combo we've released so far this year. Maybe because it feels like a throwback version of myself. Maybe because I'm the biggest Strait fan there ever was," he explains. "Maybe because it makes me feel sad for the guy in the story...and sad country music makes me happy!"

Smith shared another new track one month prior with "Heaven Bound Balloons."

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