How many sixth graders do you know who display such an unwavering focus in life and yet are able to be an inquisitive child?Thomas Suarez is such a young man.

He credits Steve Jobs as his role model in his adventure and love of developing applications for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Thomas was able to do this because Apple released SDK (Software Development Kit) which teaches the user how to create their own applications.

After he convinced his parents to front $99 in a start up fee to put an app in the app store, he was in business. Now Thomas Suarez has his own company called CarrotCorp, started an App club at school in which other students can share the vision of programming and is part of the iPad Pilot Program which assists faculty, parents and students in choosing the apps used for school curriculum.

Thomas truly is a visionary similar to Jobs yet I'm pretty sure he will make his own mark in the technology world as we know it.

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