Jon Pardi released his fourth studio album, Mr. Saturday Night, on Friday, Sept. 2, and as an added bonus, he delivered a music video to accompany the title track.

The "Mr. Saturday Night" video follows the story of the song, in which Pardi is cautiously optimistic about moving on from a breakup, but in the end, he can't seem to shake the past.

The clip shows Pardi, dressed in a black outfit and cowboy hat, out on the town with friends. He plays poker, drinks and chats with friends, but the memory of a former flame keeps returning to his mind. In fact, he's so absorbed by the thought of an ex that he thinks he sees her in the bar before being nudged by his friends and realizing he was simply imagining it.

The video switches between scenes of Pardi trying his best to move on in the crowded establishment and scenes of him sitting alone, singing the song. He even graces a white piano sitting atop the bar to perform the song, but like in the tune, he is simply unable to move on despite his best efforts.

"Yeah, I smoke and drink / Smile and wink, and make 'em think I'm fine / They don't know how much I missed her Saturday night," he sings in the chorus.

The scenes reveal that the video was filmed at Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse in Nashville, which Pardi calls one of his "favorite places."

Mr. Saturday Night features 14 tracks, including Pardi's latest No. 1 single, "Last Night Lonely."

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