On Sunday night (Feb. 10), Kacey Musgraves became the first country record to win the all-genre Album of the Year trophy at the Grammy Awards since 2009, when Alison Krauss and Robert Plant earned the honor with Raising Sand. Musgraves bested albums by Cardi B, Drake and more to take home the trophy -- and she admitted backstage that the magnitude of her win would likely take some time to set in.

"This is a huge deal. This is a huge honor," Musgraves told reporters backstage at the 2019 Grammy Awards. "Obviously the [Best] Country Album [win] means a lot to me because that's where my heart is ... but to say that something I'm part of is the best out of a year, in a year which was thriving with creativity, uniqueness, bold creators stepping out with something to say, that's, like -- the weight of that I don't think will hit me for a really long time."

As her name was called and she headed to the stage to accept her Album of the Year trophy, Musgraves was visibly shocked at her victory. She was so shocked at her win that she hesitated even to take the trophy from host Alicia Keys.

"This album is a lot different than the other ones I've made, and any time you do that, there's a little bit of a question mark," Musgraves admitted backstage. "I think that there's people who always want you to stay the same, and in way that's a compliment ... but it wouldn't be doing anybody a favor, or myself a favor, if I just stayed in that [lane] for that reason."

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In addition to Album of the Year and Best Country Album, Musgraves also won Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Song at the 2019 Grammy Awards. The record is Musgraves' third, and she took creative risks in creating it, branching out from her more traditional country style.

"We had the time to catch our creative wind, experiment, throw paint at the wall," Musgraves says of the process. "All we knew is that it made us feel good, and that to me is the mark of something that I feel like is good, if it makes me feel something ..."

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