Kalie Shorr has opened up about her coronavirus diagnosis and the misery that came with the virus. The "Fight Like a Girl" singer's experience highlights how contagious the virus is.

"The first few days were absolutely miserable," the 25-year-old writes on Twitter. "I've never felt like that before. My entire body was in pain, and my fever was like riding a wave. I completely lost my sense of taste and smell."

Shorr is from Maine but has lived in Nashville for seven years. The singer-songwriter helped found Song Suffragettes and the #LettheGirlsPlay movement in Nashville. Prior to all things being shut down for coronavirus, she was slated to play select headlining shows and a few dates with Martina McBride in 2020.

"Despite being quarantined (except for a handful of trips for groceries) for three weeks, I managed to contract COVID-19. I'm feeling significantly better, but it's proof how dangerous and contagious this is," Shorr writes.

"It's endlessly frustrating to see people not taking this seriously."

The short list of country singers who've tested positive for the coronavirus is slowly getting longer. Shorr joins Laura Bell Bundy (recovering), John Prine (who is now stable after taking a turn for the worse over the weekend) and Joe Diffie, who died on on Sunday (March 29).

Last September, Shorr released her first full-length studio album, Open Book. It made several year-end Best Of lists, including Taste of Country's.

Stars Who Were Tested for the Coronavirus

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