Kip Moore seems to enjoy connecting with his fans through social media — he routinely shares pictures and videos of everything from his music to his vacations — but he doesn't love everything about it.

In a new podcast interview with Marty Smith, the "More Girls Like You" hitmaker let loose with his feelings about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: that many people use these social media outlets for all the wrong reasons.

"I feel like we are in this super vain period of life and I only think its going to get worse,” Moore says. "I see this movement of all these people taking their selfies on their private jets and in front of their nice cars and big houses. I never want people to crave those things. because those things don’t mean s--t. They are not going to bring you happiness."

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Moore never refers to anyone in particular in the interview, but it seems obvious that he had specific people in mind when making his comments.

“I see people doing a lot of things on social media that, you know, are not really in their character but they are trying so hard to be like, 'Look at me,'" says the singer, who will head out on his After the Sunburn headlining tour later this year. "I don’t think that equates to a real fanbase."

In fact, Moore says much of what people are doing on their social media channels these days downright baffles him.

"If I take a morning selfie with my shirt off and I show my physique and do this sexy face to the camera, am I going to gain more followers?" Moore asks, laughing. "Yeah, maybe I’ll get some teeny bopper followers, but I don’t think that equates to anything real and tangible. If you are going to gain people that way, I think you essentially cheapen it in the long run."

Instead, Moore says he remains committed to sharing the things that are real in his life at this very moment. "I made money now and I’m still living in the same two-bedroom tiny little place," he says. "I want people to crave the right things in life."

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