Lucas Hoge turns back the clock for his new song, "The Power of Garth," to pay homage not only to one of his musical heroes, but also his mom and dad.

The song is definitely intended as a tribute, but it's much more than a name-check on Garth Brooks. It's as much an elegy to the protagonist's own past and the lost innocence of childhood as it is a nod to the most successful country artist of all time.

In a new lyric video that Hoge is premiering exclusively via Taste of Country, he presents the music of Garth Brooks as a bonding experience his father would share with him and his mother when he got home from a hard day's work.

"He'd grab mom and me, a glass of tea and those old cassettes / That memory is still as sweet as it was back then," he sings in the first verse.

The chorus borrows titles from Brooks' catalog to describe the lasting influence of those special times.

"Every time I hear 'The Thunder Rolls,' it takes me back to 10 years old / Those songs are like the soundtrack of my life / I was too young to understand why Mama cried when she heard 'The Dance' / Those melodies will forever be wrapped around my heart / And that's the power of Garth," Hoge sings.

"The Power of Garth" is Hoge's latest single from his current album, Dirty South, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Country Album Sales chart, and at No. 5 on the overall Country Albums chart.

"The Power of Garth" is available for download and streaming across all major digital platforms. Keep up with Hoge via his official website, or by following him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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