Josh Ferrin and his wife had just purchased a home and were in the process of unpacking when they made a $45,000 discovery. Ferrin noticed a piece of carpet sticking out of an access panel in the ceiling of his garage. Behind the panel he found a metal box containing cash, coins,  stamps and other items valued at around $45,000.00.

The money had been stashed there by the previous owner who had passed away in November of last year. Rather than keep the found treasure, the Ferrin's contacted the deceased's family and returned the loot. The family said they had no idea their father had been stashing money away for decades.

When my great-grandmother passed away in back in the mid 80's, my grandma had my brother and I go through a box of her things to price for a yard sale. In that box, my brother found a few hundred dollar's in a purse that she had set back for a rain day. I'll never forget his eyes lighting up (he was probably 7-8 years old) and running around the house screaming "I'm rich! I'm rich!". Grandma took the money from him, but she did give him $20 bucks or so for finding it. He was more than a little bummed he couldn't keep the entire wad of cash..

Did you ever find money that a deceased family member had stashed away? Would you do the same as this new homeowner in this situation?