This may very well turn out to be another rainy weekend so, why not take in a movie? There are three new movies to choose from in theaters this weekend, a family animated movie, a drama, and a comedy starring Dwayne Johnson.

Wrestling fans will probably enjoy this movie about a wrestling family that is close knit. When a brother and sister get a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to try out for the WWE, the sister Paige is the one who gets the chance.She leaves her family behind to face the cutthroat world of this competitive sport to prove she has what it takes to make her a star.

This story takes up on the island of Berk where Viking and dragons are living in peace. Hiccup who is now a Viking leader finds himself attracted to Astrid while Toothless his dragon meets a creature who captivates him as well. However, the evil Grimmel devises a plan that would ultimately wipe out all the dragons. Hiccup must then unite to help find Caldera a hidden land that could save Toothless and his his flying friends.

Grieving over their mother's death brothers Zach and David are hoping for a brighter future after their father abandons them both. The brothers soon live out their dreams through football but it's not until one of the brother gets hurt and the other steps up, that they fully understand the love of God.  This Christian based movie will have you cheering at the end. Executive producers for this movie are Tim Tebow and Robby Tebow.

For a list of movies and showtimes click here.

My pick this weekend is all about the dragon. Grab the popcorn and I'll see you at the movies!


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