Sadie Robertson and her family took a vacation to Cabo San Lucas recently, but the trip started off with a disaster. The reality television show star, author and podcaster spilled details on social media.

Alongside a photo of her with daughter Honey, Robertson — who's pregnant with her second daughter — revealed that she got sick to start the stay. It wasn't just your normal stay-in-your-room illness, either.

"It’s funny now," she begins. "We land and it immediately hits. We make it to the resort and the sweet people were ready to welcome us with a mariachi band and margaritas.

"While they are expecting a van full of excited people on vacation we whip right past the band and right past the drinks as fast as we can to get to the bathroom and this pregnant girl who can’t run fast enough puked right then and there in front of the mariachi band, in full song, and welcome crew."

Wait until you see how she recovered.

The "we" that Robertson is referring to is herself, her husband Christian and extended friends and family. The 25-year-old shared that she was pregnant on Nov. 3, later revealing that they are expecting another baby girl. It's not clear if pregnancy related nausea was to blame for her illness in Mexico. She owned it like a boss, however.

"I stood right back up acted like it didn’t happen and kept walking hahahahaha welcome to paradise," Robertson says.

The due date for the new baby Robertson Huff is not known, although upon revealing she was pregnant, the Duck Dynasty star said to expect No. 2 in May. That'd be about two years after her daughter Honey was born.

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