SkillsUSA has awarded an official red jacket to Chloe Silva, a senior at Ashdown High School in Ashdown, Arkansas as part of the Journey of a Jacket Program, thanks to the support of SkillsUSA sponsors and individual donors.

SkillsUSA awarded 50 SkillsUSA jackets to SkillsUSA members in 17 states, according to a press release. This program invited SkillsUSA members from across the nation to apply to receive their own official jackets. To apply, the students submitted an essay plus a letter of recommendation from their SkillsUSA advisor. “The jacket is a gift from our generous sponsors and is a symbol that the member is supported and valued,” said SkillsUSA Executive Director Chelle Travis. “It’s also an opportunity to help each student feel like a professional and showcase SkillsUSA pride by wearing organization attire.”


Ashdown High School
Ashdown High School

“Chloe Silva is a well-deserved student of this honor. She has served four years as a SkillsUSA Chapter Officer and three years as an Arkansas SkillsUSA State Officer. She also has proven to have a strong desire and willingness to serve others that are exceptional. Chloe has received three gold medals in Leadership competitions and is currently serving our local SkillsUSA Chapter as President and holds the Arkansas State SkillsUSA Office of Secretary ” said AHS SkillsUSA Advisor, Amy Silva.

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