In case you haven't heard, a city-wide curfew in Texarkana is now in effect from 10PM until 6AM until further notice.  With that being said, many of you may have questions regarding the curfew and how it will affect you.

According to Texas-side Mayor Bob Bruggeman, here a few answers to some of your questions.

Does this curfew close businesses during the overnight hours? NO

Do I need credentials or a permit to drive to work? NO

Can I go to work if I work an overnight shift? YES

Can I walk my dog at 5AM? NO

Does this affect restaurants? NO, it affects customers

Can tanning salons stay open? YES

All Texas hair salons, barbershops, and tattoo parlors will be closed by 11:59PM tonight, (March 26).

Guidelines for curfew.

"We're having a lot of problems with large social gatherings happening overnight, mischief and crime. Please help us curb this so our first responders can focus on what's important at this time. Our officers are going to be reasonable about these rules, but we do have to make sure that everyone is complying. If we see you out and about over and over, we're going to stop you and question you. Let's be safe and keep our community healthy."

For more information,  please visit their Facebook page.

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