It's a sad day for cinema and gaming alike as the award-winning actor who played Super Mario on the silver screen has passed away due to pneumonia.

The actor who captivated our childhoods as Eddie Valiant in 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit,' the lovable pirate Smee in 'Hook' and Mario Mario in 'Super Mario Bros.' has passed away at the age of 71, ScreenCrush reports. Bob Hoskins became a household name in England for his tough but calculating demeanor in 'The Long Good Friday,' which debuted in 1980. In the film, Hoskins played Harold Shand, a British gangster who was trying to shed his life of crime in order to become a legitimate businessman.

Hoskins went on to star in an variety of London-based films until reaching major recognition in Hollywood. He was nominated for an Oscar award for his portrayal of George, the chauffeur of a high-class prostitute in the 1986 neo-noir mystery, 'Mona Lisa.' Bob Hoskins was immortalized in Robert Zemeckis' 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit,' where he played private detective Eddie Valiant who had to interact with the combined cartoon characters of Disney and Warner Bros. studios.

The gaming community will remember Hoskins for playing our favorite mustached plumber in 'Super Mario Bros.,' despite the veteran actor's labeling of the project as "the worst thing I ever did." While critics and movie-fans alike may cringe at the thought of the movie, we thank Bob Hoskins for these unforgettable roles and are still glad that he helped bring Super Mario to life.