Arkansas Most Wanted - From Little Rock FBI Field Office
The FBI Filed Office in Little Rock, Arkansas is looking for help locating these fugitives for a variety of reasons, including kidnapping, sex crimes, missing persons and other criminal enterprises. Take a look at the photos and descriptions below and if you can help please call (501) 221-9100.
Are They Out There?
March 22, 1950, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover received a memo from Guy Hottel confirming the recovery of three "flying saucers" and "three bodies of human shape but only three feet tall" in each craft. Fact... read on.
FBI Foils Plot to Bomb Federal Reserve Building in New York
A man drove from Long Island, New York, into Lower Manhattan earlier today in a van he thought was filled with explosives. He parked the van close to the Federal Reserve building, just a few blocks from the World Trade Center, and planned to detonate it using a cell phone from a nearby hotel.
The exp…