four states fair entertainment center

Tradition? We're all about it.
The Taste of Texarkana, a wonderful chance for the community to come out to the Four States Fairgrounds and participate in a fantastic event, partake in delicious food, desserts and beverages, all benefitting a tremendous charity, Harvest Regional Food Bank. Family traditions are important too,  and as silly as it seems, this is one of my favorite family traditions. I think I'm gonna tear up right
Game On
The famous Harlem Globetrotters will be returning to Texarkana early in the new year.
Father and Son Tradition – Because Traditions Are Important You Know
Family traditions are important, aren't they? In some families dad always carves the turkey for Thanksgiving right at the table in front of the whole family. In other traditions, some families will go out and cut a fresh Christmas tree every year, family vacations are considered by some to be a tradition, or eating at least one meal a week without any electronics at the table... then, there's us.