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Lucasfilm Confirms ‘Indiana Jones’ Reboot Is Coming
When the rumors began to spread that Lucasfilm wanted Chris Pratt to star in a new Indiana Jones reboot, many “insiders” tried to refute those claims by saying an Indiana Jones reboot would never happen. But now, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed that a new Indiana Jon…
Disney Wants Chris Pratt to Star in 'Indiana Jones' Reboot
Back when Disney paid $3 billion to purchase Lucasfilm, most focused on what they could and would do with the 'Star Wars' franchise. But, let's not forget about that other big Lucasfilm franchise: Indiana Jones. If Disney's dropping stacks on stacks for Lucasfilm, you better beli…
Raiders Of The Lost Ark 30th Anniversary [VIDEO]
This weekend will mark the 30th anniversary of the release of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I can remember when that movie came out every kid wanted to be like Indiana Jones. Indiana became famous for his bull whip he carried on all his adventures.