Get a Large One-Topping Pizza for Only $3.20
Everyone wants a good deal right? Well, right now you can get a great deal, thanks to Seize The Deal. You can get one Large One-Topping Pizza from Cici's Pizza in Texarkana for only $3.20. (Value:$8.00) Wow, now that's a deal!
Crave Pizza Opens Thursday in Texarkana
Have you heard there 's going to be a new crave in Texarkana soon! This Thursday, Feb. 22, the new Crave Pizza will be opening on mall drive. Crave Pizza is going to be unlike any other pizza experience in the area.
A new study came out that basically said Americans love pizza. I could have guessed that one. Anyway, I found a great video that shows how to steal a few slices of pizza without anyone knowing. It's all in the way you cut it.

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