Town That Dreaded Sundown

Thursday Movie in the Park - "Town That Dreaded Sundown"
Texarkana's own history is featured this Thursday night for Movies In The Park, this week don't miss "The Town That Dreaded Sundown," starring Dawn Wells, Ben Johnson, Andrew Prine, Jimmy Clem and many of your friends right here in Texarkana including our own Mario Garcia. You should ask him about that.
The countdown is on for Halloween and there's nothing like inviting some friends over for some tasty treats and watching a scary movie. Of course, everyone's definition of what is considered scary or not will vary. But to put it into perspective, you can't go wrong on watching some classics.
Texarkana in the Movies
Last week I wrote a feature story on songs that mention Texarkana. So this week I thought I would follow it up with a story about movies that reference Texarkana.
Halloween Premiere
From festivals to T.V., the reboot/meta remake of "Town That Dreaded Sundown" is scheduled to premiere this Halloween night... on Television.
Official Trailer
Here is the official trailer for the upcoming release of the "Town that Dreaded Sundown" reboot... set for release October 16!
Classic Remake
In hopes of having a trailer to share, we reached out to some of the production folks we met during filming of the Charles B. Pierce remake about Texarkana's "Phantom Killer" and were directed to these still shots.
Texarkana Urban Legend: Phantom Killer
You've heard the words "Urban Legend" before, stories that are sometimes true or made up in the local community. But one true story that come to my mind, is the legend of Texarkana's 'Phantom Killer'. This story has intrigued America for decades and still to this day has some some sort of cult following. The events that began in February 1946 still resonates around Texarkana today. Read