Naming Winter Storms – Bad or Good? [SURVEY]
Alright, it's one thing to name tropical storms and hurricanes but winter storms, come on! The Weather Channel just announced they will be naming this year's significant winter storms because they claim it's easier to follow and easier to prepare for.
It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Fire-nado! [VIDEO]
Imagine looking up toward the sky and seeing a tornado coming straight at you. What could be worse? How about a tornado made of fire! Sounds like something of biblical proportions or even something you might see in a special effects movie. Unfortunately, it did happen in Australia recently during th…
Rain, Rain, Please Don't Go Away!!
If you are complaining about all the rainy days we have been having this winter.  You might want to stop complaining. Remember the exceptional drought and extremely hot temperatures we had last summer?
That will probably help you feel better on these cool and wet February days...
Is There A Mini Ice Age On The Way?
Alright, I know it's been a hot June. I mean really hot! How hot it will be come July and August is a sad thought for some to even imagine. So, I found it interesting that it was just announce yesterday that we might be heading for a mini Ice Age! Yes, that's what I said.

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