The idea of the traditional wedding cakes are starting to become a thing of the past. More couples getting ready to tie the knot these days are looking for cakes that show off their unique personalities. If you ever watch that TV show Cake Bosses with Buddy, you know what I'm talking about I …
The Four States Area's Best Wedding Venues
Selecting a wedding venue is not always an easy choice. Here in the Four States Area we have quite a few outstanding venues to choose from and they all have their own unique qualities. As a wedding dj, I’ve worked in them all and here are my favorites, as well as information about tw…
A Bride Texting During The Wedding Ceremony - Really? [VIDEO]
Text messaging in a huge pet peeve of mine. Not the actual text messaging itself, but the way a lot of people do it.
Texting while someone is talking to you, text messaging during a movie at a theater (Man, that light glows!). I've even gone to a store check out and felt as though I was interrupting…
Children in a Wedding, Priceless! [VIDEO]
This video is a reminder that children are a must in a wedding! When my husband and I got married over 16 years ago, I had a friend tell me not to have children in a wedding party because they will do the unexpected.
Marriage Made In Paradise [Video]
Getting married in paradise has a magic all its own, and it's even more wonderful when you share it with everyone you love. Beaches Caribbean Resorts offer a spectacular collection of weddings and vow renewals - including their incomparable FREE WEDDINGS.