With summer around the corner, you may be looking to have your meal outside in the sunshine.

Outdoor patios and rooftop decks are completely on trend these days, especially at this time of year. There's something so freeing about being outside while enjoying a meal or having a beverage. It's almost therapeutic. In the south, we get more opportunities to enjoy this outdoor dining because our warmer months tend to stick around for a long period of time.

So where are we pulling up a chair in Texarkana?

For this we turned to Yelp. Based on key words found in user reviews, Yelp has been able to narrow down a list of places based on their option of dining outdoors.

Here are the top places for outdoor seating in Texarkana:

1. Hopkins Icehouse
2. Twisted Fork Grill & Lounge
3. Pop's Place
4. Three Chicks Feed, Seed & Cafe
5. The Catch
6. Chicken Express
7. Naaman's BBQ
8. Ironwood Grill
9. Verona
10. King of Wings Bar and Grill

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