We have had nice people send us photos of cats that have been promising but turned out not to be our Pepsi.

My daughter and I are very appreciative of any and all calls and messages about cats who have been seen who look like Pepsi. However, as of today, December 14, they have all been false leads and we are still looking for our little friend.

And we're offering a reward for his safe return.

We continue to put Pepsi's face out there hoping someone will run across him and get in touch. If you do see a cat new to your area that resembles him please take a photo if you're able and post it on my public Facebook page or private message me.

John Williams, Townsquare Media

For those who do not know Pepsi's story here it is:

Pepsi was caught in a animal trap by an overzealous neighbor one street behind our home in Texarkana, Texas  back in late October. We went to the animal shelter in the College Hill section of the Arkansas side of town. Sure enough he was there.

I was all ready to sign the paperwork and pay the "bail money" to get him out, when the employee informed me that we had a problem. The problem was that he was picked up on the Texas side of town. She informed me that if we lived in Arkansas we could pay and take him right them. However, since we lived in Texas we had to go to City Hall first and pay a fine and get a receipt and bring it back to them to finish paying to get him out.

John Williams, Townsquare Media

Of course the biggest problem was it was Saturday and City Hall was closed so we were told there was no way we could take Pepsi home until Monday. Despite being upset and confused by what seemed to be ridiculous government red tape, my daughter and I left him, trusting the shelter to take care of him for 48 hours till I could get back down there on Monday.

Biggest mistake I have made lately, because something happened between noon Saturday and Monday morning. When I went back down there, Pepsi was gone. No sight of him. So something happened. The shelter could only say I guess he escaped. I don't really know what to think. It is possible that is true, since the rickety old cage seemed easy to open when we gave it a shake.

So we have to go on the assumption that he did get out of the cage. Which means if nothing bad has happened to him, he has either been taken in by someone at their home, or he is out there roaming around, possibly trying to get home.

We will continue to keep the story of Pepsi out there with his photo. Once again if you see Pepsi, go to my Facebook page and send a picture!

John Williams, Townsquare Media

The City Managers from both sides of town say they are working on changing the rules on how residents of the Texas side can reclaim their pets from the shelter. As far as I know nothing has happened yet. If nothing is done by January, I  plan on voicing my opinions and concerns at a council meeting until something is done.

It's my hope that nothing similar to this happens to anyone else in Texarkana.