Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard has a baby girl named Olivia who just turned 2 on Monday (Dec. 23), but her tender age belies her outsized sense of adventure. Hubbard's wife, Hayley, posted a series of photos and a video to Instagram showing off their daughter's latest daredevil adventure—learning to snowboard in Sun Valley, Idaho.

In the series of shots, Olivia is a total natural in her white snowsuit and absolute lack of any trepidation whatsoever (although she is being helped along by what appears to be a dog leash). It's clear this little girl is not going to be afraid to tackle any bumpy hill in her future.

"Liv’s learning to snowboard where I learned to ski 30 years ago," noted Hayley. "We may not be teaching her the best habits by pulling her on Harley’s leash but she sure is having the time of her life!" That appears to be the truth, especially given Olivia's adorable victory pose with her fist-bump up in the air.

Fans can swipe on Hayley's posts to also get a glimpse of baby brother Luca, who is also decked out in snow gear, but unfortunately can't join in the boarding fun as he's not even old enough to stand up on his own. He joined the family in mid-August of this year, so perhaps by next Christmas he'll be ready to make a few initial steps towards slope domination.

This isn't the first time Olivia has shown off her infectiously enthusiastic nature. Back in October, her parents shared a video of her recklessly driving a pink scooter directly into a brick wall. Was she fazed? Of course not!

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