UPDATE: Yesterday we reported that Nash Police were searching for people accused of stealing a firearm from a vehicle they were detailing, good news, they have both been arrested and are now in custody at the Bi-State Jail.

The Nash, Texas Police Department issued a big thank you via Facebook this morning to the Bowie County Sheriff’s Department and the Texarkana, Texas Police Department for their assistance in locating these subjects, and a special thanks to our citizens for your many calls and tips!

Yesterday's Original Story:

Nash, Texas Police would like your help locating two people accused of stealing a pistol out of a car they were cleaning. Did they clean your vehicle too?

Here is the story as posted on the Nash Police Facebook Page:

There is nothing quite like leaving work at the end of the day to find your vehicle sparkling clean, and putting trust in others that they will care for your vehicle as if it were their own.
Unfortunately some persons decided to take the “caring as if it were your own” to the next level, and help themselves to a firearm that was found inside of the vehicle.
The Nash Police Department is currently searching for Angela Schobey and Hubert Morine Jr in reference to a Felony Theft that occurred recently. Angela and Hubert, along with another person who has already been taken into custody used a car detailing business to further this crime, and deprive clients who trusted them.
Angela and Hubert, we currently have warrants for your arrest. You have an opportunity to do the right and turn yourselves in to our department. These warrants are not disappearing.
If you know the whereabouts or any information that can help lead to the arrest of Angela Schobey or Hubert Morine Jr., please contact the Nash Police Department at 903-838-0822.
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