I've always wondered about those runs where you eat or drink at every mile marker.

In my years on this earth I have run my fair share of 5Ks and even took on a half marathon they year before I got married. I figured the training and actual event would help me get in shape for the big day. During those 13.1 miles, I never dreamed of eating or drinking anything unless it was water. At the end, I chugged a few glasses of chocolate milk (sound weird but it was delicious).

So running a few miles that includes donuts... SOUNDS AWFUL.

In Raleigh, North Carolina they have been doing the Krispy Kreme Challenge for 12 years now. The run is put on by a student group at North Carolina State University to raise money for a local Children's Hospital. It's not, in any way, associated with the actual donut company. It's a team run in which each person runs two and a half miles, eats a dozen donuts and then tags the next person. No one can vomit during the event.

Unfortunately, a 58-year-old man started having chest pains about a mile in. He was rushed to the hospital before being pronounced dead. He didn't eat any of the donuts, but did experience the pains while running.

The cause of death has not been released.