The 2012 NFL Draft is complete. Here's the rundown of what players were chosen in the draft and which ones signed free agent contacts.

  • Jake Bequette - Defensive End

    3rd Round. 90th pick overall. Joins former teammate Ryan Mallet in New England.

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  • Joe Adams - Wide Receiver/Punt Returner

    Selected in the 4th round by the Carolina Panthers.

    This is a great situation. I'm proud to have been selected. I'm going to make sure I go out there and do everything I can to make them proud. - Joe Adams

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  • Jarius Wright / Greg Childs - Wide Receivers

    Jarius Wright and Greg Childs have known each other since elementary school. They played together at Warren High School and then decided to go to the same college to play. Now, they're moving on to the NFL to play for the same team. Wright was selected as the 118th pick in the 4th round of the draft by the Vikings and Childs was selected as the 134th pick.

    "We talked about this one day, what if we end up going to the same NFL team? It would be crazy," Childs told Minnesota media. "We've been together through elementary school, middle school, junior high, high school, same college team, and now we are moving on in life and we still are going to the same team together."

    Chris Bahn has a great article on the duo.

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  • Razorback Free Agent Signings

    Grant Cook, OL - Green Bay Packers

    Jerry Franklin, LB - Denver Broncos

    Isaac Madison, DB - Dallas Cowboys

    Jerico Nelson, DB - N.O. Saints

    Tramain Thomas, S - Tampa Bay Bucs

    Greg Gatson, DB - S.D. Chargers

    De’Anthony Curtis, DB - Tampa Bay Bucs

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