The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games will have a new women's sport this year: ski jumping. Reigning World Champion Sarah Hendrickson, 19, will lead the  first ever US Women's Ski Jumping Team.

Women's ski jumping will join the men's competition that has been around since 1924. The International Olympic Committee has said in the past that the sport was "too small with too few competitors," however a main reason for the sport's ban is that the tole it takes on the woman's body is "dangerous for the reproductive organs."

For decades women have campaigned for full inclusion in the Olympic Games. Ski Jumping is not the first sport to be offered after previously being barred. Check out these five other women's sports that were incorporated into the Olympic Games long after their male counterparts.

Speed Skating- 1960, First Male Competition-1924

Curling- 1998, First Male Competition-1924

Ice Hockey- 1998 ,First Male Competition- 1924

Bobsleigh- 2002, First Male Competition- 1924

Cross Country Skiing- 1952, First Male Competition-1924