If you love to travel through Arkansas there is one place you need to visit this Saturday, April 12 in Fort Smith, that's The Chaffee Barbershop Museum. The museum will be hosting its annual celebration of Elvis Presley's March 25, 1958 G.I. haircut. I was born in 1958 but learned about this haircut years later from my mother who was a big Elvis fan.When you walk through the doors, it will be like walking back in time as the museum has been newly restored to its original condition of 1958 when thousands of U.S. Army enlistees, including Elvis, received their signature army buzz cut. This '50s style festival includes an Elvis look-alike contest, poodle skirt and hula-hoop contests and Elvis karaoke. Prizes will be awarded. Thank you, Thank you very much!

There will also be displays of vintage military vehicles and automobiles. Face painting, balloon art displays, festival food and YES free G.I. buzzcuts in the barbershop.

if you are an Elvis fan like me you're going to love this festival!

Here's a couple of videos on the Fort Chaffee Barbershop Museum.

Here's actual footage of the world famous 1958 Elvis haircut.

Finally, had to put this video on here.