Do you get a good night's sleep? When I was younger I could sleep anywhere, but over the past few years that's changed. You know the feeling. You wake up stiff as a board and your hips and shoulders hurt. Doesn't make for a great night's sleep, right?  

A few months back I was talking with my husband about how we really ought to think about getting a new mattress. We've had our same mattress for close to 15 years. Maybe, that was my problem? My husband said "Okay, just go pick up a mattress somewhere." So, I looked around a little, but I didn't know anything about mattress so I figured I should just get used to the fact that sleep might just be a bit more painful.

Then, I walked into America's Mattress. It's a new locally owned and operated store and they have the iComfort and iComfort Hybrid Mattresses from Serta. I talked with Tabitha and Jason and they asked me a few questions about what type of bed I liked. Did I like a soft or hard mattress? Did I sleep on my side or back?

Then they showed me the different types of mattresses they have and let me lie down on the mattresses to feel the differences. I immediately called my husband and said, "Oh John, you've gotta come over here because mattresses? They've come a long way, baby."

My husband did come over and we figured out what mattress was right for us. Oh, and we also decided that the adjustable base was a great idea as well. At first my husband was thinking we didn't need that, it's not like we watch a lot of T.V. in bed. We quickly found out that it is so much more than just watching T.V. When the adjustable base is teamed with the mattress it becomes a true iComfort Sleep System. It can improve circulation, reduce acid reflux and reduce snoring. Just to clarify those last two are my husband.

Our iComfort Sleep System was delivered two weeks ago and so far? My husband and I love, love, love our new bed.

If you're sleeping on an old mattress, it's time to see for yourself how wonderful these mattresses and sleep systems are.

Americas Mattress is located at 4220 St Michael Dr. right across from Best Buy. Visit them online at and on Facebook or call (903) 650-8130.

Be sure to have Tabitha or Jason demonstrate the Zero-G setting. You will love it. And tell them Lisa from Kicker sent you!