According to the Star ledger out of Newark, NJ, Arkansas and Rutgers are close to finalizing a home and home series for this year and next.

If this deal works out, Rutgers would travel to Fayetteville this year to fill the empty slot on Arkansas' schedule, while the Hogs would become the first SEC team to play in Rutgers High Point Solutions Stadium next season.

While I definitely agree that adding a BCS opponent to the schedule is a good thing, I don't see scheduling a home and home with a middle of the pack Big East team as a benefit to the UA.

Many would argue it would open up a new recruiting pipeline, and I agree it would, but the truth is there just isn't a lot of talent in that region that major universities are fighting to get. (Although Arkansas did sign a decent line backer from that area this year in Vin Ascolese.)

The Hogs should be favorites each time the teams play, but what if the Hogs were to slip up and lose, to RUTGERS? No doubt, it would go down as one of their biggest wins and one of our worst losses.

I just don't see the benefit of scheduling a home and home with them. What do you think?