It's back to school time depending on what side of town you live on. The Arkansas side of Texarkana started today and it has always amazed me how that first day back in school seems to be somewhat exciting to most kids. Maybe it's the new clothes they're excited to be wearing, or maybe it's just catching up with some old classmates or meeting new friends. Whatever the case, I'm sure some mothers and fathers are just happy to have the kids out of the house.

This morning I watched  my three stepchildren go back. My 12-year-old daughter headed to junior high school for the very first time. My 14-year-old daughter began her sophomore year and my son headed into his senior year of high school.

My wife has always had a long standing tradition of making them what she calls ABC pancakes and bacon for their first day back to school followed by taking pictures as they embark on their back-to-school venture.

It's funny, as I drove them to school I asked, "So how do you feel about your first day back at school? Both girls said, "Eww!  While the boy said, "Bittersweet!" I'm taking it that he meant because this is his last year of high school.

So as everyone prepares to get another school season underway I thought it would be cool to put some of the top school movies together to help you at least try to get in the mood.