Weird News

Robotics – Cool Yet Creepy [VIDEO]
According to the movie "Terminator 2: Judgement Day," August 29, 1997 is when the robots became self-aware and the mounds of poo began pummeling the fan. Obviously we missed that date, but who's to say August 29, 2015 won't be "THE" day?
A Big Ball Of Bees! [PHOTOS]
Have you ever seen a big ball of bees? Yesterday, my husband was outside in our front yard he looked up and noticed a huge ball of bees in my neighbor's tree!
Woman Freaks Over Fish Pedicure [VIDEO]
Have you heard the latest craze for getting a pedicure? It's called a fish pedicure! If you've been watching the TV show The Bachelor this season some of the girls on the show got treated to one of these unusual pedicures.

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