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The Best Customer Service Reply Ever?
Seven year old Luka Apps spent all of his Christmas money to buy a new LEGO Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider set. After losing one of the figures, his dad suggested emailing LEGO to see if they would replace it. The response was priceless.
Man Turns Junk Pile Into New Car [VIDEO]
Remember the family treckster (station wagon) in the movie 'Vacation' I always thought that was the most hideous car I've ever seen. But wait there is a guy from Finland who actually has taken a limo created a new kind of car made completely from scrap metal junk parts. His car makes …
Real Life Buddy the Elf Takes Manhattan
One of the funniest holiday movies is 'Elf,' starring Will Ferrell, whose beloved character of Buddy won over the hearts of audiences everywhere. Now, Buddy the Elf is a veritable pop-culture icon, especially around the holidays.
However, while there have been other spoofs of Ferrell's…
Kitty With Magnetic Collar Is Accidental Cat Burglar
Milo is undoubtedly the world's cutest thief. Her whiskers. Her paws. Her prancing about the neighborhood, going into random houses willy-nilly and accidentally stealing a bunch of stuff. Adorable. Unless of course you're the owner of one of the 20 sets of keys she's stolen over the p…

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