Canadian Team Joins Dragon Boat Festival
Imagine seeing twenty paddlers in a 42 foot-long boat paddling in unison across Bringle Lake Park in Texarkana. It could only mean one thing, the inaugural Dragon Boat Festival Saturday, June 11, 2016 to benefit Hands on Texarkana.
Modern Handgun Cleaning – Much Easier Than You Might Think
It's something a lot of us kind of take for granted after you've been shooting guns for along time, cleaning that pistol. Some of us do it too often, some not often enough. Since a lot of us will spend time this holiday weekend at the range sending bullets downrange, let's make sure we're safe and o…
Best Lakes Within 150 Miles of Texarkana
The Memorial Day weekend is coming up and many Americans will be hitting the lakes and parks for a three-day celebration. I know for years that friends and family have traveled to their nearest spot on the lake. Whether it's a family reunion, fishing, camping, or for recreational fun there are plent…
Are These The Most Beautiful Views In Texarkana?
The weather simply hasn't cooperated with me lately. Every time I wanted to go out and take a few photos of great views around the Texarkana area the skies would cloud up on me. Obviously, as you can see from the pictures, even on a cloudy day these spots are pretty nice.
Barksdale AFB Airshow 2016
It's been a couple of weeks since the Barksdale AFB Airshow but I'm not done yet. You know me, just a wee bit of a "wing nut." So if you like pictures of planes and other airshow stuff, you've come to the right place.
Friends of NRA Banquet is Tuesday Night
The Four States Friends of NRA Banquet is back for 2016, and it's this Tuesday night May 10, at the Four States Fair Grounds. Don't miss all the great food, the auction, the drawings and the guns.

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