Vince Gill’s Tribute Song To Merle Haggard
Here on Today's New Country, Kicker 102.5, we play a lot of new artists and their version of country music. But recently we lost a country music legend in Merle Haggard. His music has been such an inspiration for so many country artists over the decades -- some you've heard of, hundreds, m…
What Will Extreme Sports Look Like In 100 Years?
Extreme Sports are quickly taking over the "leisure" activity world. Remember when snow skiing used to be kind of extreme? Kind of dangerous? Or things like motocross, or maybe sky diving? Simple things like that are not considered extreme anymore. Now they strap on a wing suit and fly as …
Wizard World Comic Con – Fun Times In St Louis, MO
Have you ever been a big fan of someone? You know, like a movie or TV star, rock or country singer? Fan enough that if you actually got the chance to meet them in person you might just hyperventilate and pass out? Me too. My wife Donna as well, and this past weekend she finally got to meet her crush…
Really? Pollen? Already?
Everyone knows the seasons have been a little "off" lately, seems to be about four weeks off actually. Well, spring is apparently here whether we're ready for it or not.

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