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Jogging Naked – Isn’t That Streaking?
Jogging Nekkid - Isn't That Streaking?
According to a story on, 31-year-old Blake Maier was intoxicated running down a road in Clifton, Ohio last Saturday morning. Maier claimed he was hot, the police and apparently the Judge didn't buy it. He was fined and released with time…
How Much Do You Love Your Car? Not As Much As This Guy
This past Sunday a man in Thailand decided that a Porsche Boxster looked mighty enticing and snuggled right up to it and for a little lovin'. The man had no idea it was all being captured on video for the rest of us to see!
Plus, Chicago man robbed Subway only to cross the street and order a san…
Rent A Chicken [Global Oddities]
Two Alaskan Men Stole 80 Frozen Pizzas, 75 More Than they Could Eat!
Rent A Chicken!
Florida Woman Didn't Like The Way Her Boyfriend Cooked, So She Punched Him

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