Here's a good example of how "timing is everything".  CHRIS YOUNG'S song "Voices" made it to Number One on "Billboard's" Top Country Songs chart.  But it needed some help.

The first time it came out... back in 2008... it peaked at #37 and then pretty much died.

And then Chris released TWO consecutive singles that went to Number One.  Those being "Gettin' You Home" and "The Man I Want To Be".

So after those two built up some momentum Chris re-released "Voices".  And we know what happened there.

So how unusual is that?  Well, it's only the second time in the SoundScan era that a country artist has pulled it off.

Back in 1986 RANDY TRAVIS had a #1 hit when he re-released "On The Other Hand". The first time it came out it only peaked at #67.