So you may be getting ready for Halloween this weekend, maybe your still deciding what your going to dress up like or perhaps you already have your costume picked out. Well, two of country music's stars are getting ready for a little Halloween fun.Martina McBride is excited about getting her daughters Delaney, Ava and Emma ready for some trick or treat fun. Martina wonders why you put an age limit on trick or treating. She says her six year old Ava still wants to go out with Mom and Dad, which she says is fantastic. Look for Martina McBride to make several TV appearances including on 'Chelsea Lately' tomorrow.

Check out Martina McBride's newest single and video from youtube:

Meanwhile, Jake Owen is hoping to have a "BOO" Jean Halloween Night. Jake is planning to go to a Halloween party on October 31st. Jake says, the older he gets the more he realizes Halloween is the one day every year women can use the excuse to dress up very scantily clad and no one seems to give it a second thought. Jake said he doesn't mind looking, especially if the women are dressed up like a sailor or nurse.

Jake  joked that he wants to dress up as the “honey badger” he often tweets about, made famous by an online viral video.

Whatever you decide to do this Halloween just make sure it's a safe and Happy Halloween!