I read somewhere this week it is National Tourism Week in America. When you think of Texarkana you don't think of it being a tourist town, however when you drive around town there are some very interesting landmarks that we all take for granted. For example, one of the neatest homes in town is the Draughon-Moore Ace of Clubs House located at 420 Pine Street.

This 1885 Italianate Victorian home is a National Register property and a Recorded Texas Historical Landmark. Built in the shape of a club, with three octagonal wings and an rectangular wing, this house is considered one of the most unique in the country. It has been featured in several publications and broadcasts including HGTV’s “Christmas Castles” and “Bob Villa’s Guide to Historic Homes.”

Did you know even though the Ace of Clubs House is available for weddings now days, none of the families who used to lived there had any of their weddings at the home. However, Miss Olivia and Henry Moore, Jr. came as close as you can get--they married at St. James Episcopal Church which shares an alley with the house.

The Texarkana Museum Systems are caretakers of the home with guided tours available Tuesday-Saturday. The museum system obtained grant money several years ago and did most of the restoration of the home. The cost to restore the Ace of Clubs House was around $169,000.

For the complete history of the home check out the easttexashistorical.org

If you want to see more historical landmarks I encourage you to take the driving tour of Texarkana presented by the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce. I know what someone is saying right now but I take the driving tour everyday when I go to work. Take pride in your town there is a lot of of history in this town when you just take the time and look around.

Here's one for you, the place no longer exists but do you remember the old Jefferson Coffee Shop?