Well, the Auburn Tigers are National Champions. Usually, as an SEC fan, I would root for the SEC team to win big games like this.. but, last night I was firmly in the Ducks corner. I always root for the Ducks. My dad was born in Oregon, most of his family either still lives or is buried there.  I bleed Razorback red and Duck green (or neon.. or whatever color their uniforms are this week.. LOL). The fact that Liberty Eylau's own LaMichael James is their starting tailback and Trey Carson is heading to Eugene as well, is a bonus for me..

But all those things aside..I wanted the Ducks to win because quite frankly, I think Auburn is a dirty program and Cam Newton should have been watching that game from the hotel room with his father.  In this fans humble opinion, the game of college football has a large blemish on it now after last nights game. When Southern Cal won their championship with Reggie Bush, the nation didn't know he had received improper benefits. All of these allegations and findings came out well after the game had been played.. but as Cam Newton drove his Tigers down the field last night for the game winning field goal, everyone watching knew of the allegations against him and his father.. and the NCAA had already stated that his father had indeed tried to sell his sons services to Mississippi State.. yet the NCAA let him play anyway.. because, as they claimed, poor little Cam didn't know what his father was doing.. I guess we can all sell our kids to the highest bidder now and just claim the kid didn't know anything about it and it will be ok.. isn't that what the NCAA said???

I believe it's just a matter of time before more details come out about what transpired during Cecil Newton's "pimping my son out" tour and when that time comes, the NCAA will end up stripping away Auburn's claim to the National Championship and the Tigers miracle season will forever have an asterisk beside it.. After watching how dirty the Auburn players were last night (kneeing Duck players in the back.. trying to rip LaMichaels head off on more than one occasion.. ), it couldn't happen to a nicer program..

So, enjoy this championship while you can Auburn fans.. reality will set in soon enough...

One more thing.. weren't we all told Cecil Newton would not be at the game? Apparently he was.. check this out... What a joke..