It's time of year when families start taking those family vacations. Nothing brings out what your family is really like until you take those long road trips. Trying to keep everyone entertained while trying to keep your sanity can turn into a full time job. And your vacation could turn from pleasure to a nightmare if you're not prepared.Well, according to a survey from Choice Hotels, 90% of family vacations will be on the road. If you think smelly feet made the list of the five worst road trips, guess again!

1. Getting stuck in traffic

2. Rude or dangerous drivers.

3. Vehicle trouble.

4. The kids fighting and arguing in the back seat.

5. The kids complaining about how long it takes to get there.

There are some things you can do to pass the time away and make those boring road trips into something entertaining.

1. 59% watch DVDs.

2. 51% play video games.

3. 36% listen to music.

4. 32% stop frequently so the kids don't get bored.

5. And 27% play old-school car games like I Spy.

My family has played a game called road bingo and the alphabet game using license and billboards to play. When it comes to family vacations you can't help but to think of the movie "National Lampoon's Vacation" where Clark took the family on a vacation in the family roadster. So, however you plan to spend some family time together just have fun and be safe.

See the reunion video of the cast of "Vacation."

( Source: PR Newswire)