We all know that no Super Bowl Party is complete without wings, beer, and the big game but here are a few ways to make your party stand out from the crowd. 

1. Keep the guest list to friends, family, and fans- Of course you are going to invite your friends and family but when deciding who else to invite, consider leaving those people who just watch for the commercials or that "I hope they all lose" guy at home. I promise, no one wants him there.

2. Keep the food finger-lickin' good- I've read plenty of articles suggesting that Super Bowl parties should have more than just your average chicken wings and chips but let's face it, football fans like chicken wings and chips. Add in some other finger foods, dips, and desserts and your golden. Football fans are going to spend more time watching the game anyway.

3. Keep a theme- I don't just mean party hats and football-themed paper plates. I'm talkin' a real theme. Create a pool for the final score, create some AstroTurf coasters, or hand out Super Bowl ticket invitations. (Okay, maybe it's too late for that last one.)

4. Keep a radio in the bathroom- The bathroom is going to become the most visited room in the house and no one wants to miss a moment of the big game. Keep a working radio in the bathroom to ensure that that doesn't happen.

5.Keep a back-up plan- No one wants to be that person whose TV goes out in the middle of a big play. Make sure you have a backup plan. Multiple TVs are vital and make sure you have the cable company on speed dial. Even further, keep a few boxes of pizza on hand in case a massive spill occurs or no one wants the food that is provided.

You probably have your own keys to a perfect Super Bowl Party but just in case you've been living under a rock for the past month and forgotten the big game is this Sunday, keep these simple tips in mind to make your party a success.