The idea of the traditional wedding cakes are starting to become a thing of the past. More couples getting ready to tie the knot these days are looking for cakes that show off their unique personalities. If you ever watch that TV show Cake Bosses with Buddy, you know what I'm talking about I have put together a top 5 list of my favorite wedding cakes from the website The

  • 1

    Sweet Song

    This three-tiered cake (designed by the bride) features lyrics to the couple's wedding song — Etta James' “At Last.” Just so happened this song was sung at our wedding.

    Cake by Bake me a Cake/The
  • 2

    Butterfly Garden

    This four tiered cake decorated with modern scroll work and dozens of tiny butterflies.

    Cake by Cakegirls/The
  • 3

    Studded With Starfish

    This three-tiered white chocolate cake is iced in buttercream and adorned with seashells and starfish.

    Cake by A Thyme Cook/The
  • 4


    This three-tiered chocolate cake drips with rich chocolate icing and ripe strawberries.

    Cake by Classic Confections/The
  • 5

    Pretty in Pink

    This three-tiered cake with pink frosting is adorned with intricate white garlands of handmade sugar flowers

    Cake by Maplewood Country Club/The